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PE4life Special Announcement

PE4life has served as an important and valuable resource to PE teachers, schools, educators, and communities for many years, so it is with mixed emotions that we announce the conclusion of our operations. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly challenging to obtain the resources required to support the organization and its work. While we are disappointed in this outcome, we are gratified to have had such a significant impact on physical education in the United States - and beyond - over the past 14 years.

We are Thankful

We extend our sincere and heartfelt appreciation to the numerous funding organizations, staff members, volunteers, and others who have supported and sustained PE4life. You have been invaluable partners in our work to help schools improve the quality of their physical education programs and enhance their physical activity opportunities. Through your support, thousands of schools and educators have participated in PE4life programming, and millions of children and youth have benefited. It is our hope that the PE4life philosophy and approach to physical education and physical activity will continue to grow from this base of enablers who have seen its impact firsthand. We are thankful to have played a role in drawing attention to this critically important subject area, and to have helped advance its cause through advocacy, teacher training, professional development, and hands-on resources.

Numerous organizations continue to serve as important resources in helping schools, educators, and communities improve their PE programs and enhance physical activity opportunities. Please see the Recommended Websites page under the Resources tab of this website for links to many of these organizations.
With warm regards and best wishes,

The PE4life Board of Directors